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Starting Today "Cracking Tools Packs" Will Be Prohibited In The Forum.


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  • Sherrif

Threads Prior to  today will be left until there links Die and they Will  be removed From the  Forum.

Its Unsafe For The Community  thought long an Hard and have came to this decision There are to many users Spreading Mass malware inside The Packs and Crackiansleaks Will not tolerate It ANYMORE.

There will be No Warnings! If your caught posting malware its a instant Banned we wont listen to the same thing they all Say "But i didn't know it was malware" 


You May not like it But i don't care WE ARE DOING WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COMMUNTY !

We Don't Ask Much Here And The Constant abuse of our Rules Is about to Change Here in The Next Few Weeks and Months!

You Are  Doing nothing but Destroying something users have worked hard to get to Especially The admin Extoxic Who has worked countless Hours He and the forum deserve More Respect That They haven't Been getting.  It takes  a few users to to create a forum... But takes Many to Create A Community Which is what we are trying to Achieve Here so. Do You Part its Not Asking For Much.

Hacking Tools Packs are Still allowed in Hacking Tool Section Due to the nature of Tools Located Inside.

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