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  1. What you'll learn Learners will master ChatGPT and 12+ tools for copywriting Learners will use prompt engineering to generate Sales and Marketing Copies Learners will learn Competitor research, AI tools, Blog writing, Social media writing Learners will learn the entire journey from Prospecting to marketing to sales with ChatGPT and 12+ tools Requirements Computer with internet connection Description This course will take you through a journey from customer research to blog creation to AI images and meme generation to writing social media post and ad copies along with email marketing and sales templates. You will learn.You Will Learn:Prompt Engineering, writing advance Prompts ChatGPT and 12+ AI tools Copy-writing Frameworks Competitor and Prospect research Blog Creation Text to Image generator Text to MEME generator Post validation from Industry ExpertThis course is a self help guide into the platform ChatGPT and 12+ AI tools that can help you convert an ordinary piece of content into a sales worthy contentThis is The Best 2023 ChatGPT and the best copywriting course in 2023Learn in the best way toPrompt Engineeringlogic behind a promptLogic behind a promptPrompt real time usageWhat you'll learnLearn Everything You Need To About ChatGpt and CopywritingPre-requisites of CopywritingAre there any course requirements or prerequisites?LaptopInternetLinkedIn AccountWho this course is for:Job SeekersFreeLancersBusiness OwnersProfessionalsYou Will Learn:Prompt Engineering, writing advance Prompts ChatGPT and 12+ AI tools Copy-writing Frameworks Competitor and Prospect research Blog Creation Text to Image generator Text to MEME generator Post validation from Industry ExpertThis course is a self help guide into the platform ChatGPT and 12+ AI tools that can help you convert an ordinary piece of content into a sales worthy content Who this course is for Beginners in Copywriting and AI,Beginners in ChatGPT and AI tools,Marketers who want to leverage AI tools for Social Media and Google Ads [Hidden Content]
  2. SMM Social Media Marketing Social Media Management Digital Marketing Instagram Marketing What is social media marketing and who is social media marketer Content and content plan Marketing analysis in social media How to design an Instagram profile Viewing skill Selling texts formulas Moodboard Tone of voice Promotion in Instagram Briefing Commercial offer Technical tasks Trends in Instagram Personal brand How to look for a job Requirements For better learning experience you may use laptop / mobile phone / pen and paper for taking notes, highlighting important points, and making summaries to reinforce your learning. Description Overview Section 1: Introduction Lecture 1 Welcome to RBS Lecture 2 Onboarding to the Learning Process Section 2: Main Part Lecture 3 Introduction to SMM Lecture 4 Marketing analysis in SMM Lecture 5 How to design Instagram profile Lecture 6 SMM Approaches and Tools Lecture 7 Promotion Lecture 8 Process of work with stakeholders Lecture 9 Personal brand and clients searching Section 3: Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions Lecture 10 Interactive Part Lecture 11 Congratulation with finishing from RBS Course for any who want to build a career at marketing, especially social media marketing, PR, creative. [Hidden Content]
  3. nderstand the basic concepts and fundamentals of digital marketing Have developed the skills to run your business online more effectively Have the know-how to create PPC campaigns and throrough SEO Developed analytical skills to review important business KPIs Requirements No experience required Description In this course, you will learn some basic concepts in digital marketing to reach and engage with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and drive sales and revenue for your business.You will start by learning the essentials of digital marketing, including an overview of different channels and tactics such as social media marketing, email marketing, website development.From there, you will dive deeper into specific tactics and learn how to create and implement a comprehensive digital marketing plan that aligns with your business goals. You will also learn how to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts, so you can make data-driven decisions to continuously improve and optimize your campaigns.By the end of the course, you will have the basic skills and knowledge to transform your business through the power of digital marketing.This in an overview of what you'll be seeing inside the course:The Basics of Digital MarketingDigital Marketing in 5 minutes, What is digital marketing?Top Digital Marketing ChannelsHow to find your target audienceSetting your marketing objectivesUnique Value PropositionHow to Stay ahead of your competitionThe importance of having a professional websiteWhat makes a successful websiteThroughout the course, you will be supported by Thiago Carneiro an experienced MS.c Digital Marketing 1st class professional from the royal Holloway university in England, who is an expert in the field of digital marketing. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback directly here on Udemy.Upon completing this course, you will have the basic skills and knowledge to confidently execute effective digital marketing campaigns for your business, and to adapt and stay ahead of the constantly evolving digital landscape. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your business with the power of digital marketing - enroll now! Who this course is for This course is intended to help SMEs, start-ups, content creators, coaches and anyone who wishes to become a successful entrepeneur online. [Hidden Content]
  4. nderstand the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works on the ClickBank platform. You will learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Master the unique aspects of the MARKET System and how to use it effectively for affiliate marketing. You will learn the five key steps of the MARKET System Develop essential skills for successful affiliate marketing, including how to choose the right products to promote and how to create high-quality content. Gain insights into ClickBank's affiliate marketplace and how to navigate it effectively. Learn how to create effective marketing campaigns and promotional strategies for ClickBank products. You will learn how to use different marketing channels. Develop a practical action plan for launching and growing your affiliate marketing business on the ClickBank platform. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in affiliate marketing and the skills and knowledge needed to promote ClickBank products effectively Requirements There is no experience needed. You need to have interest to make money with Affiliate Marketing Description Introducing the Affiliate 101 online video course! This comprehensive course consists of 10 information-packed modules designed to teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. And the best part? It's all based on our proven MARKET System!Here are the breakdown of the M.A.R.K.E.T System1. Mindset: Mindset is crucial to success. Without the proper mindset, success is not easy.2. Automation: Automation is crucial to saving time and resources.3. Research: Proper research is necessary to select the right product.4. Keep on trying[Persistence] : Persistency is the key to success.5. Extend reach through Social media: You need to do your promotion using social media.6. Traffic and tracking: You need to drive targeted traffic and track for best conversion.Here are some of the key benefits you'll enjoy when you sign up for Affiliate 101:Comprehensive Learning: With 10 in-depth modules, you'll gain a thorough understanding of affiliate marketing, from the basics to advanced strategies.Proven System: The MARKET System has been developed by industry experts and has a track record of success, ensuring you're learning from the best.Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons: Our high-quality video lessons make it simple and enjoyable to learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.Expert Guidance: I'll be there to support you every step of the way, providing you with tips, tricks, and insights to help you succeed in the world of affiliate marketing. Overview Section 1: Module#1 Lecture 1 What is the MARKET System Section 2: Module#2 Lecture 2 Module #2 Section 3: Module #3 Lecture 3 Module #3 Section 4: Module #4 Lecture 4 Module #4 Section 5: Module #5 Lecture 5 Module #5 Section 6: Module #6 Lecture 6 Module #6 Section 7: Module #7 Lecture 7 Module #7 Section 8: Module #8 Lecture 8 Module #8 Section 9: Module #9 Lecture 9 Module #9 Section 10: Module #10 Lecture 10 Module #10 [Hidden Content]
  5. The Ultimate AI Guide for Smart Chatters and Savvy Investors Free DownloadWhat you'll learn Understand the features and functionality of ChatGPT, and learn how to use it effectively for engaging conversations and communication Learn how to use ChatGPT to analyze financial ratios, pick stocks, and stay on top of the latest trends in SEO Discover how to use ChatGPT for language translations, YouTube scripts and videos, and other creative applications Learn how to use ChatGPT to plan healthy meals and snacks that meet your dietary goals, and understand the role of AI in nutrition and wellness Requirements No requirements or prerequisites, Just come open minded and ready to learn! Description Get ready to become a ChatGPT pro with our one-of-a-kind course that covers everything from engaging conversations to smart investing! Chit-Chat with ChatGPT will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of AI, showing you how to unlock the power of ChatGPT for personal and professional growth.In this course, you'll learn how to have engaging conversations with ChatGPT, unlock its infinite conversational possibilities, and even use it to write scripts and videos for YouTube. But that's not all - we'll also teach you how to use ChatGPT to pick stocks like a pro, analyze financial ratios, and stay on top of the latest SEO trends.We'll also dive into the world of nutrition, showing you how to use ChatGPT to plan healthy meals and snacks that meet your dietary goals. With our unique blend of humor and professionalism, you'll have a blast learning about AI and all the ways ChatGPT can help you lead a smarter, more productive life.This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the power of AI and how to leverage it for personal and professional growth. With our humorously professional approach and hands-on exercises, you'll be well on your way to mastering the magic of ChatGPT! Who this course is for This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the power of AI and how to leverage it for personal and professional growth Individuals who want to learn about the latest advancements in conversational AI Anyone interested in Stock Market, Youtube, SEO or Nutrition Anyone interested in unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT for personal or professional use [Hidden Content]
  6. Get a general understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Shopify and its componentsLearn how to setup the connection between Business Central and ShopifyLearn how to exchange the essential master data between Business Central and ShopifyLearn how to exchange transactional data and fulfillment information between Business Central and ShopifyRequirementsBasic knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralBasic knowledge of ShopifyDescriptionThis course is divided into 5 sections whereby each section consists of three to six lectures. Each lecture has a duration of 2 to 15 minutes where I'll also show and explain you different topics directly in the software.So we start with section 1 Introduction where I give you a short introduction and overview of the course.Section 2 deals about how to setup and use Business Central, Shopify and the connector between these 2 systems.In Section 3 we continue with synchronizing Master Data between these 2 systems.Section 4 concerns with exchanging Transactional Data.And finally we will end the course with a conclusion in section 5.So what are the goals of this course. Students will be able to .Get a general understanding of Business Central and Shopify and its components.Learn how to setup the connection between Business central and Shopify.Learn how to exchange the essential master data between Business Central and Shopify.Learn how to exchange transactional data and fulfillment information between Business Central and Shopify.The ideal student for this course has already basic knowledge of Business Central and Shopify and is interested in how to connect these 2 systems together effectively. As you will see, it offers great functionality optimizes the workflow between business central and shopify very much.The course is not for absolute beginners who want to learn how to work with Business Central in general.OverviewSection 1: IntroductionLecture 1 Introduction to the CourseLecture 2 What is Business CentralLecture 3 What is ShopifyLecture 4 Overview of the Capabilities of the ConnectorLecture 5 How to get Test VersionsSection 2: SetupLecture 6 Goals of this SectionLecture 7 PrerequisitesLecture 8 ConnectionLecture 9 Review of Section 2Section 3: Exchange Master Data between Business Central and ShopifyLecture 10 Goals of this SectionLecture 11 Items / ProductsLecture 12 CustomersLecture 13 Review of Section 3Section 4: Exchange Transaction Data between Business Central and ShopifyLecture 14 Goals of this SectionLecture 15 Inventory LevelsLecture 16 OrdersLecture 17 Fulfillment InformationLecture 18 Run tasks in the backgroundLecture 19 Review of Section 4Section 5: ConclusionLecture 20 Review of the CourseLecture 21 Why and when using the Shopify Connector for Business CentralThe ideal student for this course has already basic knowledge of Business Central and Shopify and is interested in how to connect these 2 systems together effectively. [Hidden Content]
  7. How to create your own business How to register your business How to build your own business plan How to design a logo and brand identity How to create a product or service How to market your business What you need to include in your business's website How to grow your business How to manage the finances of a business How to sell your business Requirements Students will require: A laptop with internet connection and a basic understanding of website building. Description This Business Development Course for beginners will teach you all the fundamentals you need to know about starting and running your own business. The course covers topics from what an entrepreneur is and how to come up with your own business idea and plan all the way to how to register your business and the running of finances.It will teach you the fundamentals of a good business website and the importance of bookkeeping and taxes, as well as how to best market your business to gain more traction and loyal clients.Learn everything you need to know about the key characteristics of an entrepreneur and how to become one yourself and the importance of having a passion for what you are creating.Learn everything you need to know about creating your own business idea and the elements needed in your business plan.Learn everything you need to know about the important elements used in creating your business brand and logo.Learning everything you need to know about the different types of businesses that can be registered and how to do so for your own.Learning everything you need to know about marketing your business online and creating relationships with loyal customers.Learn everything you need to know about the importance of a good website design.Learn everything you need to know about the importance of bookkeeping and how to do your business tax.And finally, learn everything you need to know about selling your business. Overview Section 1: Section 1: Introduction Lecture 1 Introduction Video Presentation Lecture 2 Introduction Section 2: Section 2: How to start your own Business Lecture 3 How to Start your Own Business Video Presentation Lecture 4 How to start your own Business Section 3: Section 3: Creating a Product or Service Lecture 5 Creating a Product or Service Video Presentation Lecture 6 Creating a Product or Service Section 4: Section 4: Brand Identity and Image Lecture 7 Brand Identity and Image Video Presentation Lecture 8 Brand Identity and Image Section 5: Section 5: Marketing Lecture 9 Marketing Video Presentation Lecture 10 Marketing Section 6: Section 6: Website Development Lecture 11 Website Development Video Presentation Lecture 12 Website Development Section 7: Section 7: Human Resources Lecture 13 Human Resources Video Presentation Lecture 14 Human Resources Section 8: Section 8: Expansion and Growth Lecture 15 Expansion and Growth Video Presentation Lecture 16 Expansion and Growth Section 9: Section 9: Managing Finances Lecture 17 Managing Finances Video Presentation Lecture 18 Managing Finances Section 10: Section 10: Sale of a Business Lecture 19 Sale of a Business Video Presentation Lecture 20 Sale of a Business This course is designed for those who want to start their own businesses. No previous experience is needed. [Hidden Content]
  8. Use ChatGPT, AI Hub & Looka: Boost your Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, PPC, SEO & Copywriting Skills with ChatGPT Free DownloadWhat you'll learn Supercharge your marketing game with ChatGPT's comprehensive course on marketing, copywriting, blogging, SEO, and selling. Want to master the art of selling? Look no further than ChatGPT's top-rated course on marketing, copywriting, blogging, SEO, and selling. Learn how to use ChatGPT to its full potential, and create high-quality content in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable time and resources. Become a master of ChatGPT templates and create killer content with our practical screen recordings for Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging, SEO & Selling. Discover how ChatGPT templates can revolutionize your marketing strategy with our practical screen recordings. Master the art of effective copywriting to create persuasive and engaging content for your website, blog, or social media platforms. Gain a comprehensive understanding of SEO and digital marketing strategies to help your content rank higher in search engine results and reach a larger audience Discover the strategies to successful selling, including how to identify your target audience, create compelling offers, and increase your conversion rates. Requirements All you need to get started is a ChatGPT account. Our practical course covers everything from marketing to selling and requires no prerequisites. Description Are you tired of struggling to create engaging content that converts?Do you want to take your marketing and copywriting skills to the next level?Are you tired of sourcing the internet for quick guides on ChatGPT and only finding incomplete information?If so, then you've come to the right place!Look no further than the ChatGPT course by award-winning digital marketing expert Ing. Tomas Moravek, with over 800.000+ students.With this complete guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about using ChatGPT to create compelling content that drives traffic, leads and sales.With ChatGPT, the AI-powered copywriting assistant, you can transform your marketing, copywriting, and sales strategies. Our complete guide provides you with the ChatGPT templates, techniques, and tools you need to succeed in today's digital landscape. From SEO to content writing to social media to advertising, our course covers it all.Plus, you'll get access to the latest AI technologies, including the AI plugin for WordPress, AI DALLE-2, and brand kit AI Looka, to take your skills to the next level.Hands-on practical experienceOne of the best things about this course is the practicality of the lessons. You won't just be sitting through theory-based lectures, but you'll also get access to real-world examples and hands-on exercises. By taking this course, you'll not only gain knowledge, but also practical experience that you can apply in your job right away.ChatGPT can be used for SEO and copywriting in various waysOne benefit of using ChatGPT for SEO is that it can help you generate keyword-rich content and meta descriptions for your website or blog. You can input your target keywords and ChatGPT will suggest relevant content ideas that you can use to optimize your web pages and improve your search engine rankings.For copywriting, ChatGPT can be used to generate ideas for headlines, blog post topics, and social media posts. It can also help you come up with creative ways to communicate your message and connect with your target audience. With ChatGPT, you can quickly and easily generate high-quality content that engages and converts your readers.ChatGPT is a game-changer for media buyingThis course will provide you with the ultimate guide to leveraging its power. You'll learn how to use ChatGPT to generate ideas and headlines for your ads, saving you time and making your campaigns more effective. Trust me, once you learn how to use ChatGPT, you'll never go back.Empower your Meta AdvertisingOur comprehensive training covers the latest and greatest in Meta Advertising tools, including Advantage campaign budget+, Advantage+ placements, Dynamic creative optimisation, and Advantage+ creative. You'll gain hands-on experience with these powerful tools through practical screen recording and step-by-step guidance.Here's what you can expect from this course:· Connecting Keywords Everywhere with ChatGPT in Google Chrome and creating absolutely new dimensions for your Copywriting & Advertising.· Using Templates for SEO, Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, Content Writing, Copywriting, Social Media, Advertising, PPC, Marketing and Sales: You'll get access to a wide range of ChatGPT templates that will help you create compelling content quickly and easily.· AI Engine Plugin for WordPress: Discover how to integrate AI into your WordPress site and create high-quality content faster than ever before.· DALLE-2 and AI brand kit Looka: Learn how to use these powerful AI tools to create stunning visuals and complete branding that will grab your audience's attention.· Practical Screen Recordings: You'll see exactly how to use ChatGPT to create content that engages and converts. You will watch how ChatGPT can discover keywords and topics, rewrite and optimise the content as well as create completely new content for you.· Incredible E-commerce Boost: Watch me how I transform boring e-commerce product descriptions into exciting content you want to use immediately. Rewrite your boring texts in seconds and use Psychology of Persuasion.By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge you need to transform your marketing, sales, advertising and copywriting skills. You'll be able to create content that engages your audience, drives traffic, and generates leads and sales.Enroll now and discover the power of ChatGPT for yourself!Ing. Tomas Moravek with proven track record of 800.000 Students, ChatGPT language model & Team,Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert Who this course is for This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their marketing, copywriting, blogging, SEO, and selling skills using the power of AI technology. Whether you're a business owner, a marketing professional, a copywriter, a blogger, or someone who simply wants to improve their online presence, this course is for you. It's especially useful for those who are looking to streamline their content creation process and increase efficiency. There are no prerequisites or requirements for this course, making it accessible to everyone who wants to learn and grow their skills. [Hidden Content]
  9. Step by Step Entries & Exits- Live Trading Examples! What you'll learn This method will give you the CONSISTENCY you need by entering only on HIGH probable trades! To the POINT, Step by step guide what you need to look for before an ENTRY This method will help you build Confidence & trade EMOTION FREE! NO more guessing when and where to Enter and Exit the market! Learn ONLY what you NEED to KNOW to SUCCEED! Solid SCALPING method Requirements MUST have basic Forex knowledge Must have an MT4 account Must have a laptop or desktop computer with Windows Patience + Practice = Positive Results Description This is a SCALPING entry strategy using the 15-Minute time-frame, along with the multi timeframe R.S.I Matrix. Learn to manage your trades EASILY with the One-Click execution Money Managing Panel. Learn to have the winning MINDSET to effectively trade the market. This method will provide step by step Entry & Exit signals giving you MORE frequent opportunities. After learning the two entry strategies, you will be able to PROFIT 20 PIPS minimum per trade. Once you learn how to enter and exit the markets, you should be able to trade EMOTION FREE. Learn how to use the STRATEGY TESTER in order to do backtesting. When BACKTESTING you will improve your learning and chances to make better entry decisions. You will receive all the tools needed to execute the strategy. If you follow Practice + Patience = Positive Results Remember that you must study hard the two strategies provided on the course, but at the end you should be able identify the entries and have more winning trades than losers. You don't need to win 100% of your trades to be successful. All you need is to be on the right side of the market more often to make it! By the end of the course you will have EVERYTHING you NEED to be a SUCCESSFUL trader. Live Trade examples! Who this course is for If you don't have a SOLID STRATEGY, then this is for YOU If you are NOT willing to PUT in the WORK, then this is NOT for YOU If you want a STRAIGHT FOWARD STRATEGY, know exactly where to enter, then this is for YOU Anyone who wants to make CONSISTENT pips If you like the SCALPING method, then this is for YOU Beginners must know Forex Basics [Hidden Content]
  10. How to make a passive income on Reddit What you'll learn How to set up a community on reddit How to build up engagement on your subreddit Earning money from your audience on your subreddit How to manage your community Requirements No skills or experience required! Description This course is designed to help show you how to earn money on Reddit, by building a niche community. Broken down into many lectures, I cover who i am, what i have done on Reddit so why you should trust me. I currently run a number of subreddits, and the income produced takes me up to $100,000 a year, solely off Reddit traffic. You will also learn why you should even grow a reddit community, and the exact steps on how as well as the essential setup you need to do in the backend, as well as topics like moderation and engagement. By taking this course you will be able to master the basic to intermediate steps in order to get a community growing without resorting to spammy tactics. As well as how to structure it for promoting your own products within it, monetizing your audience. You will be shown the key insights on what will happen through your journey on Reddit, problems you may or may not encounter. What i do in such similar situations, so you can have a smoother experience. Nobody else has a course on how to make money online through Reddit traffic, I have the only course with proven results, if you want to get earning from Reddit, this course is a must for you to take. Who this course is for This course is for people looking to earn a side income from their 9-5, or experienced marketers who are looking for a new traffic source to learn how to get organic traffic from. [Hidden Content]
  11. What is Dropshipping? How Dropshipping on Amazon Works? How to hunt products for Dropshipping on Amazon? Amazon to Amazon Dropshipping? Sam's Club to Amazon DropShipping? Requirements Basics Of Online Business Description What is Drop shipping? Drop shipping is a type of retail operation in which a seller accepts client orders but does not have levels of inventory. Alternatively, it transfers the orders and their shipment data to the manufacturer, a wholesaler, another retailer, or a fulfilment house, which then ships the goods directly to the client as part of the business strategy. Buying things from a different online merchant and having them shipped directly to customers. How Much Does It Cost to Start Drop shipping on Amazon? Amazon drop shipping requires everyone to sign up as a seller on Amazon's website. Their Individual plan costs $0.99 per unit sold, while the Professional plan will cost you $39.99, regardless of how many items you sell. Amazon Drop shipping Polices • Have a contract with your vendor that any packing slips, invoices, exterior labelling, and other documentation included or provided in connection with the products will identify you as the seller. • Remain responsible for receiving and processing item returns from customers. What is the reason of drop shipping Violation. • Prior to shipping the order, discard any packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or other information indicating a 3rd drop shipper. Help / Policies, agreements, and guidelines / Program Policies / Selling on Amazon fee schedule / Drop Shipping Policy Reason of Violation: 1. If the customer file a complaint against that you are not a real seller. This usually happen when the vendor/supplier adds the actual invoice, deliver the product in his brand packaging. 2. This may happen due to Order defect rate when it exceed to 2 the Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a performance metric that Amazon uses to rate the seller's customer service standards. The ODR is calculated based on the number of times the negative metrics (below) were incurred divided by the number of overall orders received within a given period of time. 3. Not providing Valid Tracking of the product which customer ordered. ODR is defined as the percentage of orders confirmed shipped by the carrier. It is important for customers to be able to track their orders and have an accurate estimated time arrival. This happens when there is below 95% VTR rate. 4. Due to late shipment, If the LSR increase up to 4% this may cause the problem. Because amazon allow that the LSR should be under 4% How to reinstate? Write a dominant POA (Plan of action) in 3 steps Step:1 # Identity the root cause Step:2 # What plan you have created for this suspension/violation Step:3 # write you future prevention to avoid these mistakes Bear something in mind: Try to appeal in within 42H that has more chances of your amazon drop shipping account back. Don't copy or put a dummy POA because AI monitored everything. #amazondropshipping #Amazonreinstatement #VirtualAssitant # #AmazonAccountreinstatement #Amazontoamazondropshipping #dropshipping #amazonshopping #amazonvirtualassistan Who this course is for This Course is about Amazon DropShipping. That new sellers can start their carrier from zero with Amazon DropShipping. [Hidden Content]
  12. Digital Marketing | Marketing| Bulk SMS Messaging |Branded SMS Marketing |SMS Text Message marketing Strategy|Voice SMS What you'll learn By qualifying this course One can start online earning with no expenses The Software used in SMS marketing will be practised (Softwares will be provided free of cost) SMS Marketing is a sub category of Digital Marketing. It's the cheapest and most effective tool for marketing of the businesses. It is very useful for Business Owners to meet their day to day marketing requirements on very cheap rates. Entrepreneurs can start their online earning through it Requirements Basic knowledge of Computer. Downloading and Installation of softwares on PC. All steps have been explained in relevant sections. Must have Personal Computer with minimum 4 GB RAM and WIndows-10 Should be installed on it Must have Smart phone with minimum android 4.0 version. Description SMS marketing is the sub Part of the Digital marketing. In todays era, the Digital marketing has become a most powerful tool for market any product or service. But still SMS Sender Software along with Bulk SMS Sender Software are still being used as compared to attractive and powerful features of other platforms of social media, the SMS Market still exists and has covered a wider community due to it's unique feature, non rely on the internet in one from these. We will also cover the latest feature i.e. Voice SMS and short code messaging services in this course.Branded SMS Marketing Strategy.In this particular course the features i.e. Marketing, Bulk SMS messaging and SMS Gateway will be covered along with SMS Sender Software.In this Course the students will learn SMS Marketing from the scratch to the expert level. Following are key points of the SMS Marketing Course:-1. Theoretical Portion is elaborated through Whiteboard Animations, so that students and comprehend easily.2. Practical Portion is explained on screen recordings of practical on use of software which need for SMS Marketing.3. The Face to Face lecture are comprised business, rules and work ethics stuff.The SMS marketing is also known as the Text Marketing, Some related terms are known as SMS Gateway, SMS Sender, SMS Text Message Marketing etc. All are associated with SMS Marketing that is sub part of Digital Marketing.In addition to non branded SMS here is dedicated section for Branded SMS Marketing also.Following are the key factors due to which SMS Marketing is still exists is has reach over a wide audience:-1. Cheaper rates2. Wider Coverage3. Not dependent on the internet.4. Maximum open rate.and many more.I hope this course on SMS Marketing, SMS "Text Message" marketing will be benifit you allStay Blessed Who this course is for This Course is designed for Two Categories of people:- 1. The Business Owners who intend to market their businesses at their own to get maximum results. 2. The Enterpanuers who intend to start online earning with a minimum budget. 3. House ladies, Retired persons and Job Holders who intend utilize their spare time in a productive activities and earn extra money. At the later stages updates will be incorporated in line with latest development in the field of SMS Marketing [Hidden Content]
  13. What you'll learn Earn their first commission through affiliate marketing Set up simple websites Drive targeted traffic to their website Sell affiliate products for 75% commission on auto-pilot Earn a steady side income working from home. Requirements A computer with reliable internet access... An email address... 20 minutes a day... NO previous experience needed... Description Want to earn a few extra dollars online?Want to quit your day job and earn a 6-figure salary from the comfort of your own home?They you need to watch the video above and carefully read every word on this page. That's because on this page you will learn how to profit from the BIGGEST income opportunities on the internet: Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows anyone to sell other people's products online and earn a commission on the sale. Affiliate products sell from $20 to over $200 and YOU can earn a 75% commission on the sale for referring the buyer to the product when you pick the right affiliate program.This Udemy course is meant to introduce you to the world of affiliate marketing, and land you your first affiliate paycheck.Inside you'll learn:How to start from scratch and land your first affiliate commission in under a weekHow to build mini-websites that do all the selling for you and earn money on auto-pilotWhich affiliate programs pay out 75% commissions on every sale you makeWhich affiliate programs have immediate payout (The money is sent to your bank account minutes after you make a sale).How to build a customer list and earn $1-$10 per month from every subscriber you gainHow to flood any website with 'buyer traffic'Now to help you get started even faster, I've put together an Add-on package that you will receive absolutely FREE when you enroll in this Udemy course.This package contains everything you need to get started and earn your first commission in under a weeks time including:BONUS 1: High-converting sales page templates ($47 value) - These templates are designed to build your email list with buyers who will buy from you again and again. Earn $1-$10 per month from every lead you generate with these landing pagesBONUS 2: Internet marketing Ebooks with full private label rights ($97 value) - Give these ebooks away on your website to build a list of people who are looking for ways to make money online. These books cover hot topics like affiliate marketing, Amazon marketing, and getting traffic from Google. You can even sell these ebooks as your own and keep 100% of the profits from the sale.BONUS 3: Weight loss Ebooks with full private label rights ($97 value) - Build a list of weight loss customers by giving these books away for free or sell them and keep all the profits. These books cover topics such as gluten-free dieting, ketogenic dieting, and dieting for weight loss.BONUS 4: High-converting emails ($47 value) - Use these emails to sell affiliate products to your list. 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Just imagine it for a second: Follow along with the step by step instructions to have your first affiliate site built in a few days time.Use the traffic sources provided in this course to flood that site with buyers who opt-in to your email list, eager to buy the affiliate products you promote.Every week you copy and paste a new email to that list... An email that is pre-written and proven to sell top quality products and earn you a 75% or more commission.You'll earn your first commission in just a few days time, scaling to $500/day or more if you follow the instructions and take action. Just a quick disclaimer: This won't work for everyone, and most people won't make any money because they simply don't take action. 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That's a powerful promise for just $99 am I right?Click on the red button, the one that says 'enroll in this course now' to get started in this course.Remember: The sooner you can get started the sooner you can see your first affiliate commission check.Seeing that first payment land in your bank or PayPal account is LIFE CHANGING. It's an experience that can't be put into words. The pride, and confidence that comes with it. Knowing that YOU have the power to generate income on demand and you will never have to worry about money ever again.It's an experience I want YOU to have, and one that I am willing to personally promise you.Click on the 'take this course' button now to lock in your discounted price. Follow the instructions on the next page to get started today on this life-changing course. I will see you inside with some extra surprise bonuses. Overview Section 1: Welcome Lecture 1 Introduction Lecture 2 About Your Instructor Lecture 3 What You Can Expect Lecture 4 Downloading Course Materials Lecture 5 Download The Course Materials Section 2: How Affiliate Marketing Works Lecture 6 Doing Things By The Numbers Lecture 7 About Affiliate Networks Lecture 8 Affiliate Networks To Use Lecture 9 Affiliate Network Links Section 3: Website Setup Lecture 10 Setting Up The Web Host Lecture 11 About Domains Lecture 12 Using WordPress For A Shortcut Lecture 13 Using WordPress Plugins That Help Lecture 14 Resource: Where To Download WordPress Plugins Section 4: Setting Up Your Email Marketing List Lecture 15 Email List Overview Lecture 16 Setting Up An Autoresponder Lecture 17 Setup Your Download Page Lecture 18 Setup Your Offer Page Section 5: Getting Buyer Traffic To Your Offers Lecture 19 Banner Advertisements Lecture 20 Promotional Email Messages Lecture 21 Resource: Traffic Source Rolodex Section 6: Promoting Your Offers Lecture 22 Promotions Overview Lecture 23 Writing Compelling Emails Section 7: Next Steps Lecture 24 Where do you go from here? Lecture 25 Making Your Own Promotional Materials Lecture 26 Find A Mentor Lecture 27 Contact Me Lecture 28 Wrap Up Lecture 29 Don't Forget: Grab The Course Materials [Hidden Content]
  14. Get traffic on autopilot by creating discoverable content in 2022 Effective inbound marketing strategy specific to your business Learn to correctly set and use KPI Learn Google Analytics to monitor your KPI Get highly-converting, highly-engaged traffic who are searching for your type of business One of the most effective marketing strategies today Requirements There are no requirements for taking this inbound marketing course. Description Learn how to use inbound marketing strategies to get the best leads and most engaged customers to your site or product. Then monitor how those leads behave on your website using Google Analytics which is a data-driven approach where you identify and set the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor and work on improving. Once your KPIs are heading in the right direction, so will your business. WHY IS INBOUND MARKETING GREAT? The leads find you in a passive way. You don't have to actively promote your business so you have more time to create more content or focus on other parts of your business. WHAT IS KPI KPI stands for key performance indicators. These are metrics that you identify that are most important for your business. If you correctly identify your KPI and focus on growing them, that will cause your business to grow as well. DATA-DRIVEN APPROACH WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS You must monitor your KPIs after you set them. Most of the time, people and companies use analytics software to monitor their KPI. The most commonly used analytics software is Google Analytics. In this course, we'll go over how to correctly use Google Analytics to monitor your KPI and most important data points to make sure that you know exactly what's happening on your website. RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORT If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students. 2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course. Invest in your future. Enroll today. Who this course is for Beginner marketers, online entrepreneurs interested in inbound marketing Homepage [Hidden Content]
  15. Build a Digital Marketing Strategy. Find Your Online Audience. Create a Website in 24 Hours. Drive Targeted Traffic. Build an Email List. Analyze Website Data. Create Converting Google Ads. Create Converting Facebook Ads. Create a Content Strategy Plan. Build a Community Organic Facebook Marketing Requirements No Knowledge Required. A Computer with Internet Connection. Description Congratulations, You Found It!The Most Complete Course on Digital Marketing, with 23 Courses in 1! Instead of buying 23 different Courses about Digital Marketing - This Course Will Cover All Your Digital Marketing Needs.This is a 100% Practical Course - Get Ready for Hands-On Experience from the First Lecture!Take A Look at These Top Rated Reviews...Buying this course was the most important decision i ever made in my career. - Mohamed SaeedRobin and jesper are no doubt one of the best digital marketing experts and teachers out there, I love this course. - Shaheer FarrukhThis is a whole University degree, for such a little amount of money. - Livingstone AyehanganeThe best course ever. You can always come back to any part of the course if you need to. Amazing updates and golden value. This is my go to bible for everything I do. Would be lost without it. - Rajaa ZaidiCourse Goals:Grow Your Business OnlineGet Hired as a Digital Marketing ExpertWork as a Digital Marketing FreelancerIncludes: DIGITAL MARKETING BASICSMarket ResearchSet Up a WebsiteSEO (Search Enginge Optimization)Email MarketingGoogle AnalyticsDIGITAL MARKETING IN-DEPTHBrandingContent MarketingSales PsychologyCopywritingDIGITAL MARKETING CHANNELSGoogle AdsYouTube AdsFacebook AdsFacebook MarketingInstagram MarketingYouTube MarketingPinterest MarketingLinkedIn MarketingQuora MarketingTwitter MarketingContent Marketing MachineDIGITAL MARKETING PROFESSIONALDigital Marketing FreelancingWordPress MasterclassSEO Masterclass- Lifetime Access to Future Updates- Tools, Articles & Templates- Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A section- Downloadable Certificate of Completion- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked)This course will require you to sign up to Bluehost to follow our Digital Marketing strategy step-by-step.See You Inside The Complete Digital Marketing Guide! Love Robin & Jesper Overview Section 1: Introduction Lecture 1 Introduction Lecture 2 How to Use This Course Lecture 3 What Exactly is Digital Marketing? Lecture 4 FAQ Section 2: Market Research Lecture 5 Market Research Explained Lecture 6 Find Target Audience Lecture 7 Exercise - Buyer Persona Lecture 8 Find Digital Marketing Channels Lecture 9 Exercise - Find Digital Marketing Channels Lecture 10 Next Step Section 3: STRATEGY Lecture 11 Why You Need a Marketing Strategy Section 4: Build a Website Lecture 12 What You'll Get Lecture 13 What to Expect Lecture 14 Install WordPress Lecture 15 Install a Theme Lecture 16 Navigation Lecture 17 Website Title & Logo Lecture 18 Pages Lecture 19 Home Page Lecture 20 Posts Lecture 21 Write Blog Post Lecture 22 Custom Menu Lecture 23 Backup Lecture 24 Security Lecture 25 Anti-Spam Lecture 26 Home Page Design Lecture 27 Blog Lecture 28 Sidebar Lecture 29 Product Page Lecture 30 Contact Page Lecture 31 Thank You Page Lecture 32 Footer Lecture 33 Fonts & Colors Lecture 34 Privacy Policy Lecture 35 Terms & Conditions Lecture 36 Cookie Consent Section 5: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Lecture 37 What to Expect Lecture 38 Keyword Research Explained Lecture 39 Search Intent Lecture 40 How to Keyword Research Lecture 41 Competitor Keyword Research Lecture 42 Find Your Keywords Assignment Lecture 43 Content Creation Explained Lecture 44 Generate Ideas Lecture 45 Create Content Lecture 46 Create Your Content Assignment Lecture 47 On-Page SEO Explained Lecture 48 URL Lecture 49 SEO Title Tag Lecture 50 Page Title Lecture 51 Alt Text Lecture 52 Internal Links Lecture 53 On-Page SEO Your Content Assignment Lecture 54 Speed Test Website Lecture 55 Image Optimization Lecture 56 Speed Up Your Website Assignment Section 6: Email Marketing Lecture 57 What to Expect Lecture 58 How to Get Email Subscribers Lecture 59 Sign Up Lecture 60 Getting Started with Email Marketing Assignment Lecture 61 Create a Lead Capture Lecture 62 Create a Lead Magnet Lecture 63 Free Lead Magnets Lecture 64 1-Step Automation Lecture 65 E-commerce Integration Lecture 66 Audience Lecture 67 Start Building Your Email List Assignment Lecture 68 Email Writing in 3 Steps Lecture 69 Products/Services Pitch Email Lecture 70 Product Launch Email Lecture 71 Testimonial/Review Request Email Lecture 72 Discount Offer Email Lecture 73 Re-engagement Email Lecture 74 Newsletter Email Lecture 75 Latest Blog Post Email Lecture 76 Convert Subscribers into Paying Customers Assignment Lecture 77 Create Campaign Lecture 78 Design Email Lecture 79 Write Email Lecture 80 Analyze Campaign Lecture 81 Create Your First Campaign Assignment Section 7: Google Analytics Lecture 82 What to Expect Lecture 83 GA3 vs GA4 Lecture 84 Setup Google Analytics Lecture 85 Install Tracking Code Lecture 86 Install Tracking Code on Other Platforms Lecture 87 Exclude IP Address Lecture 88 Demo Account Lecture 89 Dashboard Navigation Lecture 90 Assignment: Getting Started with Google Analytics Lecture 91 Traffic Lecture 92 Locations Lecture 93 Demographics Lecture 94 Pages Lecture 95 Sources & Channels Lecture 96 Behavior Reports Lecture 97 Compare Dates Lecture 98 Annotations Lecture 99 Assignment: Analyze Data Lecture 100 Alerts Lecture 101 Track Leads Lecture 102 Track Sales Lecture 103 Analytics Intelligence Lecture 104 Assignment: Set Your Tracking Lecture 105 Create Views Lecture 106 Custom Segments Lecture 107 Add Users Lecture 108 Link Google Ads Lecture 109 Campaign Tagging Lecture 110 Google Analytics Assignment Section 8: THEORY Lecture 111 Marketing Theory Explained Section 9: Branding Lecture 112 Branding vs Marketing Lecture 113 Why You Need a Brand Strategy Lecture 114 The Structure Of Branding Lecture 115 The Importance Of Purpose Lecture 116 Purpose Examples Lecture 117 Your Purpose Lecture 118 The Importance Of Vision Lecture 119 Vision Examples Lecture 120 Your Vision Lecture 121 The Importance Of Mission Lecture 122 Mission Examples Lecture 123 Your Mission Lecture 124 The Importance Of Values Lecture 125 Values Examples Lecture 126 Your Values Lecture 127 Who Are Your Competitors? Lecture 128 What Makes You Different? Lecture 129 Differentiator Examples Lecture 130 The Importance Of Positioning Lecture 131 Your Positioning Statement Lecture 132 What Is Brand Personality Lecture 133 Define Your Brand Personality Lecture 134 Find Your Brand Voice Lecture 135 The Power Of Brand Storytelling Lecture 136 How To Tell Your Brand Story Lecture 137 Name Your Brand Lecture 138 Create Your Tagline Lecture 139 Your Brand Colors Lecture 140 Your Brand Fonts Lecture 141 Brand Logo Types Lecture 142 Your Brand Logo Lecture 143 Thank You! Section 10: Content Marketing Lecture 144 Content Marketing Explained Lecture 145 Choose Your Objective Lecture 146 Choose Your Platforms Lecture 147 Find Content ideas Lecture 148 Content Formats Explained Lecture 149 Text Content Lecture 150 Create Text Content Lecture 151 Image Content Lecture 152 Create Image Content Lecture 153 Video Content Lecture 154 Create Video Content Lecture 155 Content Marketing Guidelines Lecture 156 Content Marketing Plan Lecture 157 Measure Results Section 11: Sales Psychology Lecture 158 Reciprocity Lecture 159 Curiosity Lecture 160 Scarcity Lecture 161 Social Proof Lecture 162 The 3 Boxes Section 12: Copywriting Lecture 163 What Is Copywriting? Lecture 164 Benefits vs Features Lecture 165 Know What You're Selling Lecture 166 Know Who You're Selling To Lecture 167 Three Keys Lecture 168 Writing Personalities Lecture 169 It's Never Time or Money Lecture 170 Headlines Lecture 171 Subheads Lecture 172 Use Persuasion Lecture 173 Use Power Words Lecture 174 The Steps To a Perfect Story Lecture 175 The AIDA Model Lecture 176 Remove Writer's Block Lecture 177 Call-To-Action Lecture 178 How To Call-To-Action Lecture 179 Recap Lecture 180 Copywriting Assignment Lecture 181 Copywriting Assignment - Answers Section 13: CHANNELS Lecture 182 Marketing Channels Explained Section 14: Google Ads Lecture 183 How to Use This Course Lecture 184 New Students Info Lecture 185 Set Up Your Google Ads Account Lecture 186 Google Ads Structure Lecture 187 Network Settings Lecture 188 Campaign Start & End Dates Lecture 189 Campaign URL Options Lecture 190 Dynamic Search Ads Lecture 191 Location Targeting Lecture 192 Languages Lecture 193 Audiences: Types Lecture 194 Audiences: Targeting Lecture 195 Budget Lecture 196 Bidding Lecture 197 Automated Bid Strategies Lecture 198 Manual CPC Lecture 199 Ad Formulas Lecture 200 Ad Schedule Lecture 201 Ad Rotation Lecture 202 Sitelink Extensions Lecture 203 Callout Extensions Lecture 204 Call Extensions Lecture 205 Structured Snippet Extensions Lecture 206 App Extensions Lecture 207 Lead Form Extension Lecture 208 Message Extensions Lecture 209 Promotion Extensions Lecture 210 Price Extensions Lecture 211 Location Extensions Lecture 212 Ad Groups Structure Lecture 213 Set Up Your Ad Group Lecture 214 Ads Rules Lecture 215 Successful Text Ads Principles Lecture 216 Set Up Your Text Ad Lecture 217 Review Process Shortcut Lecture 218 Billing Lecture 219 Dashboard Lecture 220 Conversion Tracking Lecture 221 Generate Website Conversion Tracking Code Lecture 222 Install Global Site Tag Lecture 223 Install Website Conversion Tracking Lecture 224 Understanding Keywords Lecture 225 Keyword Research Lecture 226 Keyword Planning Lecture 227 Keyword Organising Lecture 228 Keyword Match Types Lecture 229 Negative Keywords Lecture 230 Finding & Listing Negative Keywords Part 1 Lecture 231 Finding & Listing Negative Keywords Part 2 Lecture 232 Keyword Research - Finding Keywords Part 1 Lecture 233 Keyword Research - Finding Keywords Part 2 Lecture 234 Keyword Research - Finding Competitors Keywords Lecture 235 Keyword Planning - Using the Buyer's Funnel Lecture 236 Keyword Planning - Volume & Costs Estimates Lecture 237 Keyword Organising - Finding Themes & Wrapping Lecture 238 Calculate Your Max CPC Bid Lecture 239 Quality Score Lecture 240 Ad Rank Lecture 241 Manage Multiple Accounts (MCC) Lecture 242 Split Testing Lecture 243 Remarketing Section 15: YouTube Ads Lecture 244 Why Use Video Ads? Lecture 245 Connect Google Ads & YouTube Lecture 246 Starting Our Video Ad Campaign Lecture 247 Video Ad Formats Lecture 248 Bidding Strategy Lecture 249 Delivery Method Lecture 250 Networks Lecture 251 Inventory Type Lecture 252 Excluded Contents, Types & Labels Lecture 253 Selective Optimisation Lecture 254 Frequency Capping Lecture 255 YouTube Keywords Lecture 256 Topics Lecture 257 Placements Lecture 258 Bidding Lecture 259 Set Up Video Ad Lecture 260 Companion Banner Lecture 261 Discovery Ad Lecture 262 Improve Profits Strategy Lecture 263 Final Words Section 16: Facebook Ads Lecture 264 Facebook Ads Explained Lecture 265 Getting Started Lecture 266 Campaign Setup Lecture 267 Ads Structure Lecture 268 Advantage Campaign Budget Lecture 269 Install Meta Pixel Lecture 270 Optimisation & Delivery Lecture 271 Audience Lecture 272 Placements Lecture 273 Create DCT Ad Lecture 274 Verify Instagram Account Lecture 275 Add 2 Primary Texts + Headlines Lecture 276 Review & Publish Lecture 277 Important Stats Lecture 278 Extract Winning Ads Lecture 279 DCT with Winners Lecture 280 Strategies Overview Lecture 281 Problem & Solution Lecture 282 Them VS Us Lecture 283 Statistics Lecture 284 Testimonials Lecture 285 Features Point-Out Lecture 286 Benefits Overlay Lecture 287 Founder's Story Lecture 288 Unboxing Lecture 289 Before & After Lecture 290 3 Reasons Why Lecture 291 Ads Manager Overview Lecture 292 Columns Lecture 293 Audiences Lecture 294 Banned Ads/Accounts Section 17: Facebook Marketing Lecture 295 Facebook Marketing Explained Lecture 296 Facebook Profile VS Page Lecture 297 Optimize Facebook Page Lecture 298 Build a Community Lecture 299 10 Post Strategies Lecture 300 6 Strategies to Increase Reach Section 18: Instagram Marketing Lecture 301 Instagram Marketing Explained Lecture 302 Instagram Marketing FAQ Lecture 303 Switch to Business Account Lecture 304 Optimize Profile Lecture 305 Create Valuable Content Lecture 306 User Generated Content Lecture 307 Hashtags Lecture 308 Tags Lecture 309 Geotag Lecture 310 Mentions Lecture 311 Reels Explained Lecture 312 Reels Algorithm Explained Lecture 313 Reels Features Lecture 314 10 Reels Strategies Lecture 315 Posts Explained Lecture 316 Post Algorithm Explained Lecture 317 Post Templates Lecture 318 10 Post Strategies Lecture 319 Stories Explained Lecture 320 10 Story Strategies Lecture 321 Highlights Explained Lecture 322 Highlight Icons Lecture 323 10 Highlight Strategies Lecture 324 Live Explained Lecture 325 5 Live Strategies Lecture 326 Boost Post Lecture 327 Analytics & Insights Section 19: YouTube Marketing Lecture 328 YouTube Marketing Explained Lecture 329 About Page Lecture 330 Channel Banner Lecture 331 Never Run Out of Video Ideas for YouTube Lecture 332 Find Video Ideas Lecture 333 Plan Your Video Lecture 334 YouTube Shorts Lecture 335 Recording Styles Lecture 336 Gear Setup Lecture 337 OBS Setup Lecture 338 Become Confident on Camera Lecture 339 How to Record Yourself Lecture 340 Live Recording Session Lecture 341 After Editing Results Lecture 342 Import Your Video Lecture 343 The 6 Basic Keys Lecture 344 The 3 Speed Keys Lecture 345 The 2 Detail Keys Lecture 346 Live Editing Session Lecture 347 Add Name Tags Lecture 348 Add Music Lecture 349 Export it Lecture 350 Back it Up Lecture 351 Upload & Optimize Video Lecture 352 Thumbnail Lecture 353 End Screen Lecture 354 Cards Lecture 355 Get Your First 100 Subscribers Lecture 356 Make Money with a Small YouTube Channel Lecture 357 Write the Perfect YouTube Script Lecture 358 Film 10 Videos Per Week Lecture 359 3 Tips to Sell Anything with Video Lecture 360 Grow Your YouTube Channel from Zero Lecture 361 How we got 10 Million views on YouTube in 1 year Section 20: Pinterest Marketing Lecture 362 Why Use Pinterest Lecture 363 Create a Business Profile Lecture 364 Model Influencers Lecture 365 Profile SEO Lecture 366 Claim Website Lecture 367 Create a Design - Board - Pin Lecture 368 Get Targeted Followers Lecture 369 Collect Pins and Boards Lecture 370 Why Pinterest Ads Work Lecture 371 Set Campaign Lecture 372 Set Ad Group Lecture 373 Set Ad Pin Lecture 374 Pinterest Marketing Assignment Section 21: LinkedIn Marketing Lecture 375 Leads Hack Tool Lecture 376 Optimize Profile Lecture 377 Why Use a Background Image Lecture 378 Design a Background Image Lecture 379 Add Information Lecture 380 Connect With People Lecture 381 Growth Hack Tool Lecture 382 Write an Article Lecture 383 Export Connections Information Lecture 384 Company Page Lecture 385 Advertising on LinkedIn Lecture 386 Set Content & Audience Lecture 387 Set Budget & Schedule Lecture 388 $50 Free LinkedIn Ad Credits Lecture 389 LinkedIn Marketing Assignment Section 22: Quora Marketing Lecture 390 Quora Introduction Lecture 391 Get Sales - Leads - Traffic Lecture 392 Content Ideas Lecture 393 Create Account Lecture 394 Optimize Profile Lecture 395 Company Page Lecture 396 Build a Question List Lecture 397 Promote Answers Lecture 398 Optimize Answers Lecture 399 Set Campaign Lecture 400 Set Ad Set Lecture 401 Create Ad & Dashboard Lecture 402 Quora Marketing Assignment Section 23: Twitter Marketing Lecture 403 Find Customers Lecture 404 Create Account Lecture 405 Profile Image - Bio - Link Lecture 406 Header Photo Lecture 407 Follow Top Influencers Lecture 408 Hashtags Lecture 409 How to Get Followers Lecture 410 How to Communicate Lecture 411 Create a Poll Lecture 412 Get More Retweets Lecture 413 Analytics Lecture 414 Set Campaign Lecture 415 Set Ad Group Lecture 416 Dashboard Lecture 417 Twitter Marketing Assignment Section 24: Content Marketing Machine Lecture 418 The Big Secret Lecture 419 The Content That Goes on 7 Platforms Lecture 420 YouTube Content Lecture 421 Website Content Lecture 422 Quora Content Lecture 423 Twitter Content Lecture 424 Instagram Content Lecture 425 Facebook Content Lecture 426 Pinterest Content Lecture 427 Content Marketing Machine Assignment Section 25: PROFESSIONAL Lecture 428 Marketing Professional Explained Section 26: Freelance Lecture 429 Freelance on UpWork Introduction Lecture 430 How to Get Approved Lecture 431 Create a Specialized Profile Lecture 432 Importance of Profile Photo Lecture 433 Profile Title Keywords Lecture 434 Choose a Profile Rate Lecture 435 Write Your Profile Overview Lecture 436 Use an Intro Video Lecture 437 Set Availability Lecture 438 Set Languages Lecture 439 Add Education Lecture 440 Work History Lecture 441 Create Your Portfolio Lecture 442 Select Skills & Expertise Lecture 443 Pre-packaged Projects Lecture 444 Testimonials Lecture 445 Certifications & Employment History Lecture 446 Get Paid & Tax Information Lecture 447 Find Qualified Jobs Lecture 448 Submit a Proposal Lecture 449 Write a Cover Letter Lecture 450 Proposal From Client's Perspective Lecture 451 Badge Criteria Lecture 452 Thank You! Section 27: WordPress Masterclass Lecture 453 WordPress Website Introduction Lecture 454 How to Use This Course Lecture 455 WordPress FAQ Lecture 456 Install WordPress Using Bluehost Lecture 457 Logging In Lecture 458 Navigating WordPress Lecture 459 Installing a WordPress Theme Lecture 460 Required Theme Plugins Lecture 461 Getting Started Assignment Lecture 462 Set Your Website Title Lecture 463 Set Your Home Page Lecture 464 Pages & Posts Editor: Introduction (Gutenberg) Lecture 465 Pages & Posts Editor: Blocks Lecture 466 Edit Your Home Page Lecture 467 Design Resources Lecture 468 Set Your Custom Menu Lecture 469 Publish Your Website Lecture 470 Write a Post Lecture 471 Customize Video Posts Lecture 472 Categories & Tags Lecture 473 Post Settings & Blog Design Lecture 474 Sidebar Design Lecture 475 Change Your Site Icon Lecture 476 Customize Your Footer Lecture 477 Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Lecture 478 Dashboard Cleanup Lecture 479 Building Your First Website Assignment Lecture 480 Plugins Introduction Lecture 481 How to Use Plugins Lecture 482 Backup Your Website Lecture 483 Secure Your Website Lecture 484 Website Analytics Lecture 485 Speed Up Your Website Lecture 486 Improve Search Rankings: Setup Lecture 487 Google Search Console Lecture 488 Improve Search Rankings: Posts Lecture 489 Block Spam Lecture 490 Contact Form Lecture 491 Track & Shorten Links Lecture 492 Email Opt-In: Business Email Lecture 493 Email Opt-In: Setup Lecture 494 Email Opt-In: Forms & Emails Lecture 495 Image Optimization & Compression Lecture 496 Plugins Assignment Lecture 497 Privacy Policy & GDPR Lecture 498 Create a Privacy Policy Page Lecture 499 Make Your Plugins GDPR Compliant Lecture 500 Cookie Consent Lecture 501 Add a Terms and Conditions Page Lecture 502 Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Assignment Lecture 503 Introduction Making Your Website Professional Lecture 504 Create Your Logo Lecture 505 Match Logo Into Favicon Lecture 506 Tailor Your Website Lecture 507 Copy Success Lecture 508 Start Here Page Lecture 509 Resources Page Lecture 510 Affiliate Marketing Links Lecture 511 Commenting System Lecture 512 Making Your Website Professional Lecture 513 Introduction Designing With Elementor Lecture 514 Elementor Settings Lecture 515 Home Page Pre-Design Lecture 516 Dashboard & Functions Lecture 517 Set Global Values: Fonts Lecture 518 Match Your Menu & Footer Fonts Lecture 519 Set Global Values: Colors Lecture 520 Match Your Menu & Footer Colors Lecture 521 Anatomy of Sections Lecture 522 Designing With Elementor Assignment Lecture 523 Home Page Design Background Part 1 Lecture 524 Home Page Design Background Part 2 Lecture 525 Title Lecture 526 Description Lecture 527 CTA Button Lecture 528 Social Proof Lecture 529 Email Opt-In Version 1 Part 1 Lecture 530 Email Opt-In Version 1 Part 2 Lecture 531 Email Opt-In Version 2 Lecture 532 Showcase Section Part 1 Lecture 533 Showcase Section Part 2 Lecture 534 Scrolling Menu Lecture 535 Home Page Design Analysis Lecture 536 Elementor Home Page Design Assignment Lecture 537 Introduction: UI vs UX vs CX Lecture 538 Speed Test Your Website Lecture 539 Image Loading Speed Lecture 540 PNG to JPG Conversion Lecture 541 Eliminate Rendering-blocking JavaScript & CSS Lecture 542 Reduce Server Response Time Lecture 543 SSL & SiteLock CDN Lecture 544 SSL & CDN Compatibility Lecture 545 Cloudflare CDN Lecture 546 Home & Site URL Corrections Lecture 547 Leverage Browser Caching Lecture 548 Further Optimizations Lecture 549 Support Lecture 550 Mobile Design UX Lecture 551 Mobile Design UI Lecture 552 Tablet Design UX Lecture 553 Tablet Design UI Lecture 554 Optimizations Assignment Lecture 555 Design: Start Here Page - Template Editing Lecture 556 Design: Start Here Page - Adding Content Lecture 557 Design: Start Here Page - Templating Your Content Lecture 558 Design: Courses Page - ATF Lecture 559 Design: Courses Page - Column Design Lecture 560 Design: Courses Page - Column Template Lecture 561 Design: About Page Lecture 562 Design: Resources Page Lecture 563 Design: Resources Page Part 2 Lecture 564 Design: Contact Page Lecture 565 After Designing Lecture 566 Elementor Templates & Customizations Assignment Lecture 567 WooCommerce Introduction Lecture 568 WooCommerce Basic Setup Lecture 569 Create a Simple Product Lecture 570 Remove the Sidebar Lecture 571 Create a Variable Product Lecture 572 Create a Service Product Lecture 573 Create a Digital Product Lecture 574 Create an Affiliate Product Lecture 575 Create a Grouped Product Lecture 576 Customize Shop Page Lecture 577 WooCommerce Settings Lecture 578 Add Taxes Lecture 579 Add Shipping Lecture 580 Add Payment Methods Lecture 581 Create a Coupon Code Lecture 582 Add Images to Categories Lecture 583 Fulfill Orders Lecture 584 WooCommerce Assignment Lecture 585 Blogging Introduction Lecture 586 Monetize With Ads Lecture 587 Google AdSense Lecture 588 Set Up Google AdSense Lecture 589 Set Up Auto Ads Lecture 590 Disappearing Ads Fix Lecture 591 Trending vs Evergreen Content Lecture 592 Guest Blogging Lecture 593 30 Blog Post Templates (With 120 Examples) Lecture 594 Blogging Assignment Section 28: SEO Masterclass Lecture 595 Why 91% Don't Get Traffic Lecture 596 What Is SEO Lecture 597 Before Doing SEO Lecture 598 Keywords Lecture 599 Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO Lecture 600 On Page & Off Page SEO Lecture 601 SEO Ranking Factors Lecture 602 Google RankBrain Lecture 603 Dwell Time Lecture 604 Keyword Research Explained Lecture 605 Different Types Of Keywords Lecture 606 Find Searched Keywords Lecture 607 Keyword Research Assignment Lecture 608 Find Keywords to Rank For Lecture 609 Get Content Ideas Lecture 610 Get Video Content Ideas Lecture 611 Spy On Competitors SEO Lecture 612 Content Ideas Assignment Lecture 613 Page Title SEO Lecture 614 On Page SEO That Works Lecture 615 Write Clickable Titles Lecture 616 Meta Description Lecture 617 Using Subheads Lecture 618 Related Keywords Lecture 619 Long Content Lecture 620 Update Your Content Lecture 621 Internal Links Lecture 622 Content Writing Assignment Lecture 623 Backlinks Explained Lecture 624 The Skyscraper Technique Lecture 625 Backlinks Assignment Section 29: Bonus Lecture Lecture 626 Bonus Lecture Website Owners.,Business Owners.,Social Media Marketers.,Digital Marketers.,Newcomers.,Brand Owners.,Side Hustlers.,Freelancers. 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  16. Complete Advertising Strategy Setup 10 Ad Creative Strategies 10 Posting Strategies 6 Reach Strategies Find Profitable Ads Scale Profitable Ads Automate Ads Testing Build a Community Requirements No Knowledge Required. A Computer with Internet Connection. Description Learn the Most Effective Way of Digital Marketing Using Facebook Ads & Organic Marketing!Take the journey from Beginner to Expert.With Over 10 Hours of Training in Real Actionable Steps You'll Become a Confident Advertiser & Marketer!Take A Look at These Top Rated Reviews...This is the best course out there. Practical examples with templates that I was able to use to make my $1000 a day sale. - Daniel MauI've taken a few Facebook Ads Courses on Udemy - but this was by far the best! - Laurane RaeVery easy to follow and to learn what I need to understand to make ads for my own small business without spending a fortune. - Sami RantaIt is really amazing course really easy to follow. Very helpful. And the most important facts, and explanation so accurate. Even for people who has lower level of English. Really recommend. The best course I have ever bought ever. And trust me I have bought a lot courses! - RadkaCourse Goals:Create Profitable Facebook Ads.Succeed with Organic Facebook MarketingWork Solo or with Clients.Includes:- Lifetime Access to Future Updates- Tools, Articles & Templates- Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A section- Downloadable Certificate of Completion- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked)Are You Ready to Start Creating Effective Facebook Ads?See You Inside The Course.LoveRobin & Jesper Overview Section 1: Introduction Lecture 1 Introduction Lecture 2 Facebook Ads Explained Lecture 3 FAQ Section 2: Create Your Ad Campaign Lecture 4 Getting Started Lecture 5 Campaign Setup Lecture 6 Ads Structure Lecture 7 Advantage Campaign Budget Section 3: Create Your Ad Set Lecture 8 Install Meta Pixel Lecture 9 Optimisation & Delivery Lecture 10 Audience Lecture 11 Placements Section 4: Design Your Ad Lecture 12 Create DCT Ad Lecture 13 Verify Instagram Account Lecture 14 Add 2 Primary Texts + Headlines Lecture 15 Review & Publish Section 5: Find Winning Ads Lecture 16 Important Stats Lecture 17 Extract Winning Ads Lecture 18 DCT with Winners Section 6: Ad Creative Strategies Lecture 19 Strategies Overview Lecture 20 Problem & Solution Lecture 21 Them VS Us Lecture 22 Statistics Lecture 23 Testimonials Lecture 24 Features Point-Out Lecture 25 Benefits Overlay Lecture 26 Founder's Story Lecture 27 Unboxing Lecture 28 Before & After Lecture 29 3 Reasons Why Section 7: Ads Manager Lecture 30 Overview Lecture 31 Columns Lecture 32 Audiences Lecture 33 Banned Ads/Accounts Section 8: Facebook Marketing Lecture 34 Facebook Marketing Explained Lecture 35 Facebook Profile VS Page Lecture 36 Optimize Facebook Page Lecture 37 Build a Community Lecture 38 10 Post Strategies Lecture 39 6 Strategies to Increase Reach Section 9: Sales Psychology Lecture 40 Reciprocity Lecture 41 Curiosity Lecture 42 Scarcity Lecture 43 Social Proof Lecture 44 The 3 Boxes Lecture 45 Buyer Persona Section 10: Copywriting Lecture 46 What Is Copywriting? Lecture 47 Benefits vs Features Lecture 48 Know What You're Selling Lecture 49 Know Who You're Selling To Lecture 50 Three Keys Lecture 51 Writing Personalities Lecture 52 It's Never Time or Money Lecture 53 Headlines Lecture 54 Subheads Lecture 55 Use Persuasion Lecture 56 Use Power Words Lecture 57 The Steps To a Perfect Story Lecture 58 The AIDA Model Lecture 59 Remove Writer's Block Lecture 60 Call- To-Action Lecture 61 How To Call-To-Action Lecture 62 Recap Lecture 63 Copywriting Assignment Lecture 64 Copywriting Assignment - Answers Section 11: eCommerce Ads Lecture 65 Ecommerce Strategy Lecture 66 Install Facebook Pixel (Shopify) Lecture 67 Install Facebook Pixel (WooCommerce) Lecture 68 Create Your First Ad Lecture 69 Detailed Targeting Lecture 70 Finish the Ad Lecture 71 Ad Sets Lecture 72 Scale or Stop Lecture 73 Scale It Lecture 74 Ads Library Lecture 75 Ads Manager Lecture 76 Catalog Setup Lecture 77 Dynamic Retargeting Lecture 78 Thank You Section 12: Bonus Lecture Lecture 79 Bonus Lecture Business Owners.,Freelancers,Marketers,Side Hustlers.,Influencers.,Advertisers [Hidden Content]
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